Saturday, March 15, 2008

Turkey Treats

I haven't been able to locate the pictures of the Turkey Cookies that I made, but I did find some similar examples on the internet. These are a few ideas of what they can look like:

Here are instructions for making the Thanksgiving Turkey Cookies. These turkeys are made with chocolate and caramel bodies, striped chocolate cookie feathers, and candy corn beaks. They are wonderful treats for kids to make as place settings for the holiday table.

(Makes 12 cookies)

12 chocolate stars
12 caramels
12 scalloped chocolate-frosted cookies
12 pieces candy corn
To make each turkey, place chocolate star, point side up, on work surface. Place one caramel on waxed paper in microwave, microwave on HIGH for about 10 seconds (turning over once) or just until slightly softened. Place softened caramel on tip of chocolate star, pressing down so they stick together. To make the tail, press chocolate cookie, striped side facing forward, firmly against the soft caramel to stand upright. Press candy corn on top of caramel to resemble turkey's head.


La Tea Dah said...

I love your cute little mice and turkeys! They look yummy and perfect for a tea party. And speaking of tea. . .please stop by Gracious Hospitality where there's a tea blog-a-thon starting this week and your participation is most welcome!


Happy Dog House said...

Oh, gee. When I went to leave you a comment about the turkey cookies, I discovered that your blog is only set to receive comments from Blogger/Google users so I had to comment with a name that I don't usually use.

If you would like WordPress and Typepad users and any other non Blogger/Google users to comment, you need to change the settings on your blog to allow us to use our own blog IDs. My blog is at but your current settings don't recognize it.

Anyhow, the cookies are adorable. Thank you for the recipe. I'll make them for Thanksgiving next year.