Thursday, July 17, 2008

Bluebonnet Regional Specialty - Day 1

My friend, Jeri and I have ventured down to Houston, TX with our cardigans to compete at the Regional Specialty. This is by far the largest show that I have ever attended.
It's a nice show site, lots of grooming space, great air conditioning and has a ton of vendors. I will have to do some shopping tomorrow. Animal Planet is here filming for a show that will air October 4th. Both sexes pulled majors all weekend and there are some very nice dogs here. Anyways, I am pleased to say that Rush took Reserve Winners Dog today. Of course, I would have liked to win the major, but the judge was long-time cardigan breeder Nancy Cunliffe. She had some very nice things to say about Rush. Since he is my first bred-by, it is the next best thing to winning a major. Hopefully tomorrow, he moves ahead one more space in the line though. :-)
I had his win photo taken and will post it later. Of by the way, it is hot as blazes here. Melt.


Jinnie said...

Oh yea, HOT and Melty in Houston. Congrats on the RWD. It is a great show an fun shopping. Have fun, I was sorry to miss it this year since last year I had such a great time with Leslie and Jeri. How did the Lizzard do?

Janet said...

Good going - hope tomorrow you get the big prize!

Dawn said...

Good luck and good wishes winging your way.

Traci said...

Congrats on the RWD on a large 4 pt major entry!!! :) Rush is gorgeous and i will continue to drool over him :)

dreameyce said...

Hopefully I'm not double commenting! My 'net has been shotty, and going out today :)

Are you showing him out of the BBE class? He is so stunning, and it'd be great to see him in Cali after he's finished ;)

I'm really liking the pups that Fudge is putting out. I think someday I need a Fudge puppy! I've yet to meet Fudge, but need to at some point. (The joys of having a toddler, and being unable to travel far!)