Sunday, October 19, 2008

Nashville, TN - Day 2

Rush was RWD today, so not much to report. I think it was only a 3 point major because there was one no-show. I'm not sure that I agree with the choice for WD though because I thought Rush was the best dog in the ring today. :o) But, maybe I am biased.

My husband thinks that the AKC needs to come up with a new rule. It goes something like this: After a dog wins X amount of major reserves, they should automatically earn at least 1 point just because they have beat so many other dogs.

I kind of like the idea. It would place a little more importance on Reserve than just being the best loser. What do you think?


penni said...

Your husband has a point -- though it should be scaled based on the size of the reserve. For example, two five point reserves would equal a three point major; something like that.

I'm sorry your day wasn't as good as yesterday's. It will come soon!

coopercreek said...

Your husband is a good thinker!

Traci said...

LOL That's great thinking!!! :) Sorry to hear no points for Rush today, but he'll be finished before you know it!!!! I still love him, win or lose ;-)

Qwaynt Cardigans said...

Congratulation on the nice win on Saturday. To bad about today. Just playing the game. Next time...... Rush is a super nice boy.

Garrett808 said...

My Zoe was RWB at leaset 25 times and most were on majors! So I'm all for those points :) She finally earned a 4-pt major the last show we were at so she just needs a 3 pt major to finish. Fingers crossed for both of us!