Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Tate Farms

Fall is not complete for our family without at least one trip to Tate Farms. It is a great family-owned business that opens up to the public for the month of October. My first visit there was on a field trip with Kenny's 2nd grade class.
It would be like missing Christmas in December if we did not make our annual visit.
They always decorate and have many cute things to look at . . .
. . . . and lots of different equipment for the "kids" to play on.
There plenty of beautiful horizions to look at for the "Sky Watch" people.

We decided to go on the hay ride in search of the perfect pumpkin.
Kenny studies the crops . . . .
and spots it.
He loaded it into the back of the trailer and we headed back to the farm.
I am not sure who those people are but I thought their John Deere diaper bag was pretty funny.
The Tates always grow a great variety of colorful, lumpy, bumpy gourds. Some of them are so ugly that they are really cute. I buy bunches of them and put them every where in the house. (Note. If you own Cardigans, do not put them on your coffee table in a pretty glass bowl. The dogs think that you have put out tasty snacks for them and eat them.)
We hit the jackpot this year. Kenny and I went on closing day. We stopped by their little shop on the way out. A young kid that worked there told us that he was totally sick of pumpkins. He gave us a cart and said for $20 we could take what ever we could fit in it. Kenny snagged this big boy for starters. I should have had him stand in the picture for a size comparison. I am sure that it weighs as much as my 3 dogs combined. I now have pumpkins and gourds EVERYWHERE.

I love fall.

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Sharp said...

I've driven past there several times a week for 15 years and never visited. I may try it next year.