Monday, February 2, 2009

Cardigan Fronts

Jeri has started a thread on Cardigan fronts. She has called me out of blog hibernation to post picture of Rush's front. I have dug through my files and found a couple of his early puppy pictures. It is interesting to see that between weeks 7 and 8, his ears popped up. I remember laughing because I went to get him out of the pen in the morning and they both had sprung up over night. And they stayed up too.
Week 7
Week 8
14 months
(Thank you Jeri for helping me get this picture.)

It's not always easy to know what you are looking at when evaluating puppies, but I did see the nice wrap around on Rush at a really young age. BTW, have I said lately how much I love that dog. :o)


StubbyDog said...

One thing I'm noticing is that the fronts that I've seen stay pretty nice as adults either start out relatively straight (I'm thinking of Leo's front here), OR they have a nice chest fill even as a puppy (Lizzie's, Rush's, etc). A puppy with a crook but that is not filled in often seems to end up too turned out, or too long in pastern.

Very nice. Goon. ;-)

dreameyce said...

The more he grows, the more I drool. I love him too :) He'll be at the nationals, right? I really want to meet him :)

Traci said...

Welcome back to the life of the living blogs! :) I still adore Rush too.... such a handsome young man! :) Thanks for playing the "fronts" game... the more you see, the more you (I)learn :)