Saturday, October 3, 2009


Brent is now a sophmore and tonight was the Homecoming dance. Isn't he handsome? He is starting to look so mature.

Putting on the boutineers turned out to be a bit more challenging than putting the wrist corsages on the girls.

Don't they look great?

I think they are having a great time at the dance. I live less than a mile from the high school and I can hear the band while sitting on my back deck. It is quite festive.

Happy Homecoming, Brent!


penni said...

They grow up -- nothing we can do except enjoy the best parts. Your boy looks very handsome.

Lybertygirl said...

Welcome back - we missed you!

My goodness Brent has grown into a handsome young man - and he scored a very pretty date for the prom!

StubbyDog said...

Great looking bunch of kids! Hope they had fun. :)