Monday, May 3, 2010

CWCCA National Pixs

Here is an assortment of photos from the National. I had a great time visiting with friends and cardis that I have not seen in a long time. And of course, it was a total thrill to have my bred-by Rush puppy win Best Black Dog in the Megan!

Here are Cheryl and Rush in the Megan ring.

Here is Team Lamy in the Brood ring, complete with matching outfits.

Our Juniors - the next generation of Cardigan Handlers.

Jeri and June.

The lovely Scout catches a few beauty Zs in between competitions, on my pillow.

Of course, I had to buy everyone a round of the local brew to celebrate Rush's win. We missed you Garrett!

Here is Cheryl and Janet in the grooming room making our dogs beautiful.

Rush being a goofball in the BOB ring.

Cheryl and Scout.

Spencer and Scout "allow" Janet to share the bed with them back at the room.

The CWCCA Annual banquet.

Here is goofy Rush waiting by the car to head home after the show.


Kate said...

That's actually Jeri and June. ;)

RegentCardis said...

Ahh, good catch Kate. I will correct that right now. :)

Baledwr said...

Congrats again, he's becoming a beautiful boy

Taryn said...

Great photos! You captured alot of the Nat'l!

Garrett808 said...

Oh I missed out on the free round! Shoot! We also never got time to have some wine and catch up! I guess Houston huh?

I honestly didn't know what Jeri was wearing until I had already changed. Funny huh?