Monday, November 1, 2010

Rush x Minute puppies

Here is a first look at the Rush x Minute puppies. Bonnie told me that Minute is feeding them heavy cream and the pups are all gaining weight like crazy. I am really looking forward to watching these little guys grow up. :)

Black boy one

Black boy two

Blue boy one

Blue boy two

Blue boy three

Black girl one

Black girl two


Taryn said...

They are beautiful!

Jules said...


Sherilyn said...

Congrats!!! :)

The Mama Monster said...

Ahhh I am in love with Blue Boy 2

~The Mama Monster

Traci said...

pretty kids - all of them! :)

Elbeepem said...

Pretty things!

Léo said...

pretty, pretty babies.

canine said...

They are beautiful! Puppies