Thursday, December 16, 2010

Heading North

I am heading to Bonnie's this weekend for a puppy party and 8 week evaluations of the Rush x Minute litter. I hope to take lots of pictures. Fingers crossed that Mother Nature decides to cooporate and provide me with nice driving conditions.

I will also have the pleasure of transporting Frankie the rescuse Cardi for Leslie to his forever family.

They are very excited about getting him. I just love when a plan falls together. I think they were meant to be together. :)


penni said...

It's good of you to take Frankie -- a great Christmas for the dog and his people. I'm looking forward to the puppy photos. Have a great time and do watch the roads.

Janet said...

What a perfect situation! Have fun!

Jules said...

What a nice holiday gift - bringing Frankie to his forever home!

I can't believe your pups are already 8 weeks old. I hope you have a fun weekend!