Wednesday, February 23, 2011

More Updates

Have I said lately how fortunate I feel when my puppies find super homes?

Recently my friend, Adair, sent me some photos and updates. She has two of my girls, one from Tayler and one from Dixie. I must brag on Adair. First and foremost, her dogs are beloved family members, fur kids and favorite foot warmers. But after that, they are well conditioned and trained performance dogs.

Adair is a great trainer and handler. To date she has put 11 titles on Zoe (Tayler's girl), 5 titles on Lacey (Dixie's girl) and is close to completing several more. I cannot say enough how blessed I am that my pups have found such a great home. Here are a few pictures of Adair's girls in action:
This is Zoe ...
Regent Tropical Wind Zone CD RE AX MXJ

And this is Lacey ...
Regent Lacey Springs OA AXJ
Adair, thank you so much for loving the girls like you do. You are awesome and doing a fantastic job with them. :)


Builder Mama said...

Wow, what beautiful dogs! Great job!

StubbyDog said...

Man, Lacey really is kind of a spitting image to Dixie, isn't she? Slightly different in the face, but you can really tell she's her daughter. :) *cry*