Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Eukanuba

Whew, it has been a busy month! We are back from the Eukanuba and done with the holidays. Janet and I had a great time in Orlando. We shopped, ate at some great restaurants and dropped a bunch of money in the area. :)

Kathy brought these photos to my attention. (Thank you, Kathy!) Olivia of Olivia Frost Photography was sitting ringside on Sunday and took a few photos of Rush. I thought they were cute and wanted to share.

Rush is such a happy-go-lucky dog and loves to make me laugh. His timing is impeccable and always manages to do it at the exact moment the judge looks at us. LOL
Though we did not win an award, we had a great time. I wanted to get a photo of my handsome boy. I had different choices on what I could put on the sign since Rush qualified several different ways. After some thought, I decided this one was my favorite achievement.


bluefoxtn said...

Fabulous photos and I agree with the sign! Great accomplishment. Congratulations again!

SMShields said...

He is a handsome boy! Congratulations!

Lybertygirl said...

What a handsome boy, Sure wish I had gone with you guys....maybe next year.

Nancy said...

such a nice, nice boy. Congrats

Taija said...

I love Rush - what a happy, beautiful boy!