Saturday, December 22, 2007

Christmas Family Traditions

My son came home from work the other night and said that he had a discussion with his co-workers as to what holiday traditions they had. When they asked Kenny, he said that we didn't have any. At first I felt like a negligent mother, but the more I thought about it, I realized that we have quite a few that we try to do every year. One of them is to take pictures with our dogs, boys and Santa. Here are few of those pictures:
(Look at Jenna sticking her tongue out.)
* * * * * *

(I found this picture while looking for my Santa picutres. Yea, I know Santa is not in it, but I thought it was a nice one of me, the boys and Dixie.)

* * * * * *

Here are a couple of the older ones that I found. I have them scattered every where and really need to organize them into a collage. As you can see, Dixie has been with us for quite a while now:

* * * * * *


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