Saturday, December 22, 2007

More Holiday Traditions

1.) The family still likes watching "A Christmas Story" every year. It is pretty goofy. Even though we have seen it many times now, it still always makes us laugh. We feel the same way about "Elf"' too.
2.) Schwerman Christmas Tree Farm is our favorite place to cut down our tree. It usually takes us about an hour to fine the "perfect" one.

3.) My Grandmother taught me how to make paper stars when I was a little girl. My Christmas tree is not complete unless it is decorated with those stars.

4.) We like to go the Candle Light Service for Christmas Eve at our church. This year we will attend services at The Brook at 5:00 pm.

5.) No holiday meal is complete with out the "Family Secret Squash Casserole" on the dinner table.

6.) On of our favorite holiday functions to attend is the HOTC Christmas party. It is a potluck dinner. We have some really great cooks at our club. So much food is brought in, that the tables look like they will collapse. Of course, this is one of Kenny's favorite events because it involves massive amounts of food. :-)

1 comment:

susan said...

Christmas Story is a classic, love it too...favorite scene is in the chinese restuarant, Fa-rah rah rah rah.....

I would treasure one of those paper
stars that your Grandmother taught you to make....

Wishing you all the Best in 2008