Wednesday, May 7, 2008

My Kindred Spirit

I went to the green house at lunch time with a co-worker to pick up some plants for the pots on my back deck.
Isn't this greenhouse pretty? I could have spent hours there.

I carried a tray of flowers into the backyard and watered them.

Look who could not resist coming over for a sniff.

Rush really does love to smell flowers. I think he enjoys my gardening as much as I do.

He thinks about which containers to use.

Confused by all the choices, he decides to take a nap.
Sweet dreams little Rush-Aroo.


Traci said...

I just love that boy of yours Heidi! He's such a doll... and seems SO gentle and sweet (tho I"m sure he's got the Cardi boy goon thing going on somewhere in there too!) Thanks for sharing :) that Greenhouse is BEAUTIFUL!!!!

Jan said...

Heidi - I love to go to Bennetts nursery! (isn't that where you went?) Did you see the train? I could spend a fortune and wish I could just instantly transform my yard into a beautiful oasis like theirs!